​    Water usage plays a big role in the ability of your septic system to function properly. Excessive water usage can cause the drain field to overload and become saturated. When this condition occurs it can cause odors, spills, and backups. Additional drain field may be required to handle the excess water usage demand on the system. Always make sure any leaking faucets or toilets are fixed to prevent unnecessary water from entering your septic system.

​    Avoid driving vehicles across the top of your septic tank which can lead to cracked or broken tank lids that could possibly collapse. Cracked or broken tank lids cause unnecessary deaths each year from collapsing while people unknowingly stand above. Always have any lid that is known to be cracked or broken, replaced by a qualified septic service professional. If your tank doesn't already have them, it would be a good time to add access risers to your tank during lid replacement. Ask your septic service professional if access risers would be a good choice for your tank.

​    Septic system problems can and do arise from time to time whether it be from neglect, over usage, misusage, or improper design. Problems that commonly arise are odors, backups, and spills. Having your tank cleaned and inspected periodically along with minimizing the amount of water that goes to the system are the best ways to help prevent unwanted septic system problems. 

    Not having your tank cleaned often enough presents additional problems with the other components of your system. The sludge solids if not removed frequently enough from your tank, will get carried to the drain field causing excessive buildup and blockages. These conditions can cause odors, spills, and backups. Drain field repairs or replacement may be required to remedy the problems.

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